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Principal Morgan's Corner

Weekly update 6-11-20

All concur, every day is a great day to be a Wolverine!


     In this final weekly update of the Sierra Ridge 19-20 school year, we wrapped school up with style and class!  This week saw graduation, a district wide parade, and plans for a school re-opening on the horizon.

     On Monday, the Wolverine 8th grade team and other staff prepared for Tuesday’s graduation.  On Tuesday, not just the 8th grade team, but the majority of the staff supported the successful graduation celebration.  We even had a community member show up in his 1957 Wolverine colored Chevy Bel Air!  Tammy Ingraham and Becky Gutherz were the final station in the graduation and the lion’s share of people they spoke with were effusive with praise at the efforts by staff to make this graduation special for our 8th grade Wolverines.  Michael Bird, PPESD Board member expressed that the staff did a great job and that he thought it went very well.

     The day after graduation, PPESD hosted an all-district end of the year parade through the Pinewood parking lot.  Families of our Wolverines as well as our Falcons ostentatiously decorated their vehicles for this joyous occasion.  We even had one “Party Barge Float” come through with roughly 15 students and four moms pull through.  This was truly an excellent way to conclude a year of turmoil.  Smiles were had by all!

     As we wrap up this year, Pat Atkins has made sure that we are planning for the re-opening in the fall as well.  Pat Atkins, the management team, and the teacher reps have met multiple times to attempt forging a plan for re-opening next year.  Under Pat Atkins leadership and the direction of local and state updates, our committee is expanding to include teachers from both sites in order to include more decision makers and, ultimately, come up with an excellent plan moving forward.    

     In this last weekly update of 2020, as there have been multiple negatives to the year, I choose to look at the positive.  As I have spoken with many Wolverine community members and students, they have also chosen to look at the positive.  Our resiliency, grit, and willingness to work together make every day a great day to be a Wolverine!